Students\' Perception in Learning Grammar Through Songs in Genta English Course at Kampung Inggris Pare

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Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri

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Learning grammar is study about expressing the meaning to the context based on the stuctures and the formulas grammatically. It is needed daily practice by using appropriate media such as song to provide an occasion for real language use in a fun and enjoyable situation. Perception of students is also important to know the opinion of students in the learning process can be very helpful in finding strategies, methods, styles as a solution of the problems faced by students during the learning process, so students feel comfortable and happy. The purposes of research were about to study the internal factors of students’ perception  that affect for learning Grammar through songs (experience, feeling, thought, attention, and motivation) and the dominant factor of internal factors of students’ perception in learning grammar through songs.The research used qualitative approach and the type of research was basic qualitative studies. The source of the research was students of basic intensive level in Genta English Course at Kampung Inggris Pare that consisted of 27 students. The instrument used closed-ended questonnaire. The result of analysis was showed that five internal factors of students’ perception affected in learning grammar through songs and it had each response from students such as in positive responses and negative responses, the experience factor  showed (96.3%) positive response, the feeling factor showed (98.8%) positive response, the thought factor showed (94.1%) positive response, the attention factor showed (95.1%) positive response, and the motivation factor showed (97.2%) positive response. In conclusion, the five internal factors of students’ perception affected for learning Grammar through songs, and feeling is one of internal factors which is more dominant. It is suggested that the teacher should creat new songs more creatifely and for the students to give more appreciation to the activities conducted by their English teacher.


Experience, Feeling, Thought, Attention, Motivation, Perception.




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