Teaching Strategy Implemented by an English Teacher in Teaching Reading to Eleventh Grade Students at SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare in Academic Year 2017/2018

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Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri

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The research problem of this research, what is teaching strategy implemented by the English teacher in teaching reading to eleventh grade students at SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare in academic year 2017/2018?. The purpose of this research is to describe teaching strategy implemented by the English teacher in teaching reading to eleventh grade students at SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare. The method of this research was qualitative approach with using case study type. The subject of this research was English teacher at SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare. The instruments of this research were observation checklist, interview and documentation. The result of the research found that teaching strategy used by the English teacher in teaching reading is mind mapping with using scientific approach through three steps; pre-activity, whilst-activity, and post-activity. Moreover, during teaching learning process in teaching reading only conducted 5 steps from 7 steps in implementing of mind mapping. However, it is not complete and not in accordance with procedures because of the limited time and situation that are not appropriate and also the students are less active and creative, less free to search for material and too monotonous because of poor vocabulary. Therefore, the English teacher must prepare the material and teaching aids in order to create conducive situation in teaching reading in the classroom during teaching learning process.

Keywords: Teaching Strategy, Teaching Reading




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