The effect of listening english song to stundent\'s vocabulary mastery in mr.mark english course period january 2019

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The objective of this study were: to find out the students’ vocabulary mastery before and after being taught using listening to English song and to find out the empirical evidence about the effect of listening to English song on students’ vocabulary mastery in students of Mr. Mark English Course. The method used in this study was quantitative method and research design was experimental study, one group pre-test and post-test. The writer took one class in period January 2019 as the subject of this study with 21 students as participants. The writer had compared the test score before and after the treatment was given. The result of gained score of pre-test was 41,42 and the post-test was 45,09. For the testing hypotheses was analyzed using t-test formula. The researcher used t-score formula. The calculation of vocabulary test result between pre-test and post-test can be seen from result of t-test of this research, and the result is 2,197. The result of t-table is 2,086, it can be seen from significant degree or α (alpha) = 0,05 and df 20. Ho is rejected, and the Ha is accepted because 2,197 > 2.045 or the t-test > t-table. So it can be concluded that there is effect of using listening to English song on the students` vocabulary mastery in Mr. Mark English Course period January 2019


Listening english song



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