The Use of Video to Generate Critical Thinking to the First Year Students of UN PGRI Kediri Academic Year 2016/2017

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Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri

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ABSTRACT In order to make the readers understand, students’ need to transfer their ideas in their mind through the paper which has a good content and good order. In the transferring process, the students need to think critically in order to serve the logic ideas. Thus, serving an appropriate media like a video is important because it not only facilitates teaching and learning process but also helps students become a better thinker through the material that is presented visually. By become a better thinker they would be a better writer. There are two purposes of this research. First, to describe the student’s critical thinking in writing skill before being taught by using video. Second, to describe the students’ critical thinking after being taught by using video to the First Year English Department Students of UN PGRI Kediri Academic Year 2016/2017. This research used quantitative approach and experimental research as the research design especially One Group Pre-Test and Post-Test. The subject of this research was all of first year students which consist of 17 students. The instrument that as used to collect the data was pre-test and post-test. The result of the research shows that students’ scores on post-test is higher than their score on pre-test. The mean score of pre-test is 74.35 and post-test is 80.94. It is clear that there is significant difference between their score in pre-test and post-test. It is also supported by the result of statistical computation using t-test in the level of significant 5% that shows the t-score is 8.810. it is higher than it used to which is 1.740. Based on those statistical results, the researcher conclude that using video in teaching writing gives significant effect to the students’ writing performance. In addition, it also develops their critical thinking in writing aspects such as originality, theme, and arrangement. It can be proven by seeing the score of each aspect in their pre-test and post –test that shows improvements. Keywords: Writing, Video, Critical Thinking


Critical thinking, writing, video









Vol. 02 No. 03 Tahun 2018

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